The Knowledge Economy

Howdy Folks, I can't tell you where I am because it's an undisclosed location. But it's in or near Waukesha, WI, I think, that's what they tell me. Apparently there is a stronghold here and we're just tying to get them out of their comfortable houses to mobilize. At least, that's what the adviser (one also named Todd, funny) said. Wow, this really is like some kind of a military operation. John's amazing, you never sense that military attitude with him but it somehow transfers through everyone. Anyway, this is good stuff.

So, one of the big themes of our campaign is the knowledge economy. Like in using computers and technology to create higher paying jobs. It was either the energy economy or the knowledge economy and this one seemed like the better choice for now (you don't need change the law to buy a computer but you sure do to drill for oil). Anyway, since I told other Todd that I am interested in computers and stuff, he's been sending me articles to read. Most of them I don't understand, but this one is like I'm reading some random words someone just stuck together that don't tell me anything. I mean, cloud computer, webvan? What does that mean? I didn't listen to a lot of music in high school but those sound like pink floyd. I don't understand this stuff. 

The knowledge idea seems pretty good but my mind's not made up.

Tight Lines,

Don't Misunderestimate Putin

Hi folks, I'm up early and it looks like we're not going to France but instead we're going to Wisconsin. Both places have a lot of cheese, but Wisconsin has slightly fewer socialists, except for the hippie town Madison. I'll give you more details later.

The adviser passed on this article. Like we've been saying, Sarah's international Russia experience in staring Putin down across the Bering Sea is going to pay off big time. Last time I looked at the map Illinois and Delaware don't have a clear view of Russia.

More later.

Tight Lines,
First Dude Todd

Breaking News!

Hey People, I just wanted to let you know that John is talking again about suspending his campaign so he can go to the European countries like London and France to help with their bank issues. Apparently they have it worse than us because they are socialist and the governments have spent so much money on welfare and health care that they can't even bail out the banks. That's why John wants to help them. If this happens (I think it's gonna, who else can help?) I will need to travel with Sarah. Although I haven't gotten a passport yet they can fast-track it. 

Anyway, one of the advisers gave me this funny looking newspaper called the Financial Times. I could hardly even read it because it looked like salmon and the last thing I want to see in salmon season is more salmon colored stuff, yuck. If you're going to sell this in Wasilla at this time of year you may want to change the color, first, and second it has a lot of pretty wacky opinions. I mean, I read the Wall Street Journal to see about BP or some stocks that are in our trust but I always find that pretty comfortable because they know how to talk to liberals now that it's owned by FoxNews. This other paper is talking about nationalisation, socialisation, Libor this, Libor that, who in cripes is Libor? Anyway, I checked the internet version and it's a little better because it's not pink, but it's still hard to understand and I think it slants left. I also saw an article by Al Gore in there, if I see another one I'm refusing to read it anymore, I don't care where we're going. Like I said, it's salmon season so I need a lot of fish wrappers.

You can make up your mind here.

Tight lines, watch out for news from the left,

Correction about Goggle

Hi Folks - A very pleasant reader let me know that one of the Goggle guys is in fact a Russian, who would have thought that Russians know so much about computers and technology. I bet he just traded a couple thousand cubic feet of gas for the company after some Seattle guy started it. Anyway, it's probably OK because he came over here and therefore isn't a deep Commie. Unless he's a spy with the KBG. Whatever, let Goggle have their bikini picture searches and whatever, as long as they don't start owning actual valuable land that Americans should own. I mean, we bought Alaska from the Russians like 100 years ago, after they trapped all the otters and seals and it was worthless to them. I don't want to give it back. Sending a few crab fisherman over is one thing, but owning land is another.

It's OK if they take San Francisco. Maybe they'll clean it up.

Tight lines,

Strong Women to Guard The Treasure

Howdy folks. I wanted to congratulate John on his dismantling of that liberal in last night's debate. Although I agreed with John on every single point, the one thing that struck me is his answer for who could be secretary of the treasure. I love the chance for Meg or Carly to do that, to start with they are super smart and they have helped to made America an economic powerhouse. (little disclosure here, I use an HP laptop and we sure went through a lot of color inkjet cassettes when Sarah was first named VP candidate, also I have bought a few chainsaw and snowmachine parts on eBay and it worked great). Second, women make great secretaries of almost anything, if you just look at most companies you will see that. Anyway, the more women the better, I say. Carly is a little easier to look at than Meg but it's brains that count for that stuff.

I also just wanted to give you a quick heads-up that Sarah is back here from the campaign trail on Thursday so we may need to do a lot of stuff and I may not be able to post for a day or so. This posting is getting kind of addicting, pretty weird for a guy who never paid too much attention in English class.

Tight Lines People,
First Dude Todd

PS Kind of weird that Carly couldn't get us a discount on those color cassettes directly from HP considering that she practically ran the company for a few years, but anyway I goggled them and got a good price mail order. It's really surprising that I'm giving computer advice but that's how much I've learned on this subject!

PSPS I watched the debate last night with the one adviser who knows all the tech stuff, he's the one who has been coaching me. Anyway, he kept saying something like where's BHO's 'day-sheeki' at the screen every time he said anything about taxes. That sounds like a Japanese word but I like the sound of it. I may just start calling BHO Day-Sheeki because it's funny!

Take No Prisoners John!

Hello people, I know I already wrote a lot of words at you earlier but I just have to say that I'm very excited about tonight's debate because Town Hall Meetings work for John. Instead of getting biased questions from a liberal moderator who is anything but moderate, the crowd has the chance to ask the questions. It has always been John's biggest strength on the campaign trail. So instead of getting Jim Lehrer,  who everyone knows is as liberal as they come and whose network constantly asks the government for handouts (unlike FoxNews which is both very reliable and profitable), Joe or Jill Sixpack can ask a question directly. Some questions that people could ask tonight include:
  • Why do you think that the mainstream media report that the surge is anything other than wildly successful?
  • Why aren't we drilling more in states like California, and oh, I don't know, Alaska?
  • Is a president who didn't serve in the military, or who doesn't have a son in the military, able to make sound judgments as commander-in-chief? (You might think that Biden's son would count here but he's actually a military LAWYER so he's not exactly a soldier)
  • How can the government call polar bears an endangered species when they're just a subspecies of the grizzly and grizzlies are in my garbage every other night?
  • And so on
Basically, you get the picture. All of these questions get to the heart of what people care about but what they are not getting straight from their mainstream liberally-biased media. I'm sure that John shares my view here. He doesn't want to be interrogated by anyone, least of all a socialist with a toopay and a fancy laptop.

Best wishes for a great debate John!

Tight lights,
First Dude Todd

Who Can Fight the Rise of Russia?

One of the advisers was talking to Sarah about how she can make her case that her experience with Russia really does count, and he sent her this link. This is proof that Russia is going to be more important to the U.S. future than anything that liberal Barack Hussein Obama knows about in this election. I mean, who doesn't want a Vice President who has been on the front line with Russia, and especially if she has been on a front line that has a lot more oil and gas energy supplies could be flowing in America to keep us safe from these oil dictators?

I've always said that if you want to see the most patriotic business leaders, look to the oil companies. They are not out making all these deals that put America at risk, and they definitely have the interest of the people in basic values like heat and transportation and snowmachining as their #1 priorities. Those are all basic American values.

Meanwhile, who supports the Democrats? Well, it's the classic San Francisco type crowd, with people from all those liberal do-nothing companies like Apple and Goggle. I mean, what do the founders of Goggle know about Russia? How can they understand anything about the ultimate power that a state like Russia can exert if they control all of the access to the basis of our entire economy? I'm afraid that you're in over your heads fellas when it comes to dealing with Russians and ultimate power. How can a company like Goggle know anything about ultimate power? Go back to your video games and goggle some nice pictures of women in bikinis computer boys because Russians are not to be messed with. Oh, and when you get a little older you'll learn that being a liberal doesn't build anything for the economy. Look at Mr. Buffet for that lesson.

I'm really hoping that John can get this message out to the people in the debate tonight, but all anyone wants to talk about is these banks and how safe or unsafe they are. If people just had some faith in the free market, all these things would sort themselves out. In fact, if the next president is committed to the free market, why don't they follow through with privatizing socialist security like should have been done a few years ago? I'm no investment expert, but it seems like a great time to get in the market -  you know, buy low, sell high, that kind of business. I mentioned this to Sarah and she thought it was a pretty good idea too, but the adviser seemed really nervous about it. It's funny, I could swear I heard him mention the same idea just before the convention, like before we had all this bank trouble, but maybe I'm wrong. There was a lot going on then and it's really hard to remember some of the policy details.

I'm sorry that I covered a lot of topics but I got a chance to clear my head in the float plane last night and I feel really really energized with new ideas right now.

Anyway, on to the debates! Kick some liberal tail John!

Tight Lines, and watch those sneaky Russians
First Dude Todd

This will be John and Sarah In Washington

Howdy folks, just a quick post before I head out in the float plane for short flight. I was thinking about the campaign slogan "John and Sarah, They'll Terminate The Tax and Spenders in Washington" after one of my favorite movies, Terminator. Anyway, it's sort of hard to understand this woman because she's from London or Germany, but she's apparently talking about some bank CEO who got punched when his bank went belly up. There should be more of that. Survival of the fittest, just like where I'm taking the float plane with the grizzlies and the salmon and the wolves and the moose. At least, after we get this bailout done they should go with less regulation and just let the crooked and inefficient banks fail.

The adviser said that we haven't taken any money from this particular bank so it's OK if we put this video up. I'm not sure what he meant by that.

Tight lines,

My Miss Wasilla belongs to America

Well people we had a BBQ to celebrate Sarah's victorious defeat of that Mid-Atlantic fraud (or elder statesman if you prefer) and we had the advisers leave us alone for a night. Most nights they are correcting some aspect of Sarah's behavior, but if they could have seen us tonight it would have seemed to them like my same old Sarah who charmed them during the initial picking process when they had that guy up here for almost 3 hours. She was so charming that half-day, like the times I remember that we would go to holiday parties for the station where she was a sports reporter and then she actually became the sports anchor. One time she got to meet Joe Montana who was here on a fishing holiday, and she absolutely connected with him. That's when I know that she could make it on the big stage. I never doubted it from the second that I first saw that in her.

I don't understand why we can't just run her as she is, because you could see that the Sarah she is connected with the people of St. Paul and the rest of the nation who traveled to see her speak. I mean, Alaska is cold like Minnesota (though they don't have near as many moose there) and people play hockey, ice fish and snowmachine. The people who founded Palmer, Sarah's town for some time, came from the Minnesota during the depression (the same depression that was created by a Democrat according to the one adviser who was in the first group of her debate managers, as he also explained why this new depression can be blamed on Democrats) according to this information that our strategist came across here. It's totally why she connects with those people and people from the south who were also affected by the depression. A lot of towns in the south that we've travelled through seem to have a pretty good connection with Sarah as well, although they definitely talk a lot different. In reality, everywhere that we've been - what I call Real America - has been really friendly and positive to us (but I even have problems understanding people from the really southern states like Indiana or Arkansas). United we stand, regardless of the accents, or how much you can understand from your fellow patriot, as far as I'm concerned. States like Michigan where there are too many socialists, we can't connect because they are who caused the depression in the first place. That's why we spend a lot of time in Alabama and Georgia where Sarah is at her best.

And that's what still gives me hope for this fight.

Tight Lines
There's still a lot left to fight,
First Dude Todd

Technical Issues

Sorry folks but the computer adviser on the campaign said that some people with the fancy phones can't really see the videos or more complicated stuff that we load on the site. I don't understand why someone would be looking at the computer on their phone, but if you are then you should not maybe trust the way the site looks and you should try to re-look at it once you're back at a real computer. Again, it's not anything that I understand but it is some kind of an internet problem.


Now here's a guy who calls it like he sees it!

I don't know where he lives, but it's not Alaska so he can't see Russians like we can, and he still gets it right about the commies.

Darn right Joe! An extra-strong spine must run in that family.

He's like another Joe M. that I idolize, the guy who tried to clean out Washington (and that sinpot Hollywood) back in the 50's.

Keep Up the Good Fight,

Thank The Liberals

Have a look at this. This is why America needs John McCain and my Sarah. If only we would adopt the same common sense policies as companies like Exxon and BP, we wouldn't be in such a spot. Heck, those oil companies make billions in profits every quarter and the government loses money and runs a deficit? Doesn't make any sense.


Back to the Real World

Only a little over a day since I've been back in Alaska and I've come back to my senses. Dang, it's hard to believe that I got so swept up in that mess that I actually looked forward to those advisers carrying that coffee all the way from Arizona. I mean, it is pretty tasty coffee but I've never been a very fancy guy and I just kind of got used to having people serve me hand and foot. It's not my usual manner to care so much about things. I think part of it was that I spent so much time around Cindy, and she always has someone doing something to organize her stuff or her flowers or get her those skim decaf coffees that she drinks all day. I know I'm going to have to spend a lot of time with her when we move to Washington, it's just that I really don't know what to talk about with her. She's never fished or hunted, and I'm not a patron of the arts. I also haven't been to any of those countries where she goes to help all those harelipped kids. Maybe I can find some kids for Cindy to help here, and then we will have something to talk about.

One of the advisers was talking to Sarah and me and he kept saying something about a 'crisis of confidence' but I don't see any lack of confidence in Sarah. She just steamrolled through that debate this week and doesn't let up. She missed spending a lot of time with Trig and she's been enjoying that. It's good that we had Bristol around. She's going to make a great mother. She already acts very motherly with Trig, they just seem to have some kind of biological connection more than brother and sister. It's just amazing how those hormones must work.

I've concluded that I will just drink whatever coffee that they have at the Java Bear in Wasilla, I always though it was pretty good before and it's just easier than to trying to organize those advisers. I do look forward to when Cindy comes up here, because her assistant said that she was going to bring of those coffee machines with the steam nozzle. That will be nice but I can't forget my roots when I'm drinking those fancy things. It will ruin me for when I go to moose camp or next year when I'm hunting whitetails at Camp David.

Tight Lines and Straight Shots,
First Dude Todd

Good idea

They just old me that there would be another 2 planes of advisers arriving here tomorrow, we can get them to bring up the coffee beans from Sedona in the jet and have the Java Bear try to make them here. So maybe I can post sooner.


One more thing

We're already thinking about our coffee for tomorrow morning but now we're back in Wasilla and we can't get those machiatos like we had in the morning on the patio. They really do have better coffee in Sedona than we do in Wasilla at the Java Bear. It seems like a business idea but in the meantime I know that Sarah is going to be grouchy. That's why I thought I'd send this out in case I can't post for a while.

Finally in Wasilla

Holy cow, I'm tired after all that whirlwind. We touched down tonight and it was warmer in Anchorage than where we took off in Sedona. Weird. Sarah went ahead of me by about 8 hours because of some protocol. 

Private jets really do make travel easier. That's why Warren Buffet invested in that company and I'm sure he's no Democrat. Are the liberals telling me that the economy is bad when so many people fly in private jets? I don't buy it.

Anyway, I'm really tired and can't think straight. Talk to you later.
Tight Lines,
First Dude

You reeled in a big one Sarah!

Howdy folks! I'm so dang proud of my Sarah that I could just burst. Not only did she answer every question better than that America-basher at the other podium, she looked graceful and effortless doing it. Everything that liberal host (didya know that she's writing an Obama book?) threw at her she answered, and she dropped the hammer on that old socialist Biden.

But that doesn't mean it was fair. For one, I did think that the moderator personally wanted to make Sarah appear a little uncomfortable about the gay marriage stuff. I think that's for personal reasons that the moderator has, you know, if you read about how she's not too worried about not being married, hint, hint, hint. She really meant to make Sarah squirm under those lights. Hey, just because Sarah and me toe a firm line by God's law doesn't mean that we look with scorn upon those men who like to decorate the living room or women who play softball better. I mean, we watch those home makeover shows up in Wasilla and there's always some guy who knows too much about decorating with pillows and candles. That's OK as long as he doesn't want to have his 'marriage' made legal which would lower the value of the concept of marriage which has existed since the bible times.

It's important that your president share the same values that you do, and John and Cindy and Sarah and I just happen to believe that marriage is between one man and one woman for life. If you look at someone deeply honorable like John McCain, you see that what he and Cindy share is a lifetime commitment to each other. That may not be common in today's society, but the only way we can keep the value is by keeping that just where it is.

Tight Lines,
Soon-to-be Second Dude Todd

PS Oops, at the beginning of the debate I actually thought that guy was some used boat salesman who was warming up the crowd, until someone said that it was Joe Biden. I didn't realize that he had such a big dopey grin and that spray on tan. At the end when I shook his hand, I was still worried that he was going to try to sell me a used 52 foot Beneteau with twin Cummins. Thanks but no thanks mister. And I don't want to buy your tax-and-spend policies either.